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 Movies on Video & DVD:

Though not all classic movies are available on video or DVD, frequently you'll find that these online dealers carry the film you couldn't find at the store down the street -- these vendors don't have the inventory constraints of a store-front operation.  The Specialty Dealers do a good job stocking the less common movies, but sometimes they get beat on price by the General Dealers when it comes to more widely carried titles.  In short, prices can vary widely, so don't forget to check around and compare -- remember to keep shipping costs in mind as well.  And for those titles that aren't currently available on video, see the Rare Video Dealers who stock used and out-of-print titles.

  • Specialty Dealers - specializing in large inventories of classic movie
  • General Dealersmodern movie dealers who sell some classic titles
  • Rare Dealers - specializing in rare, out-of-print and hard-to-find titles
  • PAL/SECAM Formats - movies in non-U.S. video and DVD formats
  • To Rent - help finding specific classic movies at a store near you or rent them through the mail
  • Digital-Download Dealers - resources for renting classic movies online by downloading them to your computer

Video Dealers Specializing in the Classics:

  • Movies Unlimited --consistently the best prices of anyone I've found and one of the largest selection of classics too; they can get TV shows and foreign films in addition to modern films and the classics.
  • Videoflicks --over 100,000 titles and they accept search requests as well.
  • Critic's Choice Video --they have a large inventory (40,000+) and specialize in keeping titles in stock and ready to deliver (not backordered); will also search for those especially rare films you're looking for.
  • Disney Movie Club --join the club and get 3 free Disney movies (modern or classic) on video or DVD as well as access to special offers and discounts; open to U.S. residents only.
  • A&E Television's Online Store --you can order videos of their Biography programs here, as well as special features from the History Channel.
  • The Disney Store --Disney films are released on video and DVD in a cycle, so not all are available all the time, but those that are can be purchased direct from Disney at this site.
  • The Video Marketplace --also a good source for classics and hard-to-finds; no search engine on their site.
  • Cinema Classics --specializing in classics, silents, foreigns, horror, cult films, out-of-print movies, and more -- on video and DVD.
  • Kino Video --specializing in restored silent classics and international films on video and DVD.
  • Jim's Rare Serials and B-Westerns --with serials, westerns, Ma & Pa Kettle films, Charlie Chan films and some classic TV too.
  • Hollywood's Attic --discount video tapes of classics, serials, westerns, sci-fi, foreign films and classic TV; no search engine.
  • Creepy Classics --classic horror, sci-fi and mystery movies on video, laser disc and DVD, new and used; no search engine on their site.
  • VCI Home Video --an independent home video studio specializing in rare, out-of-print and obscure films (including many classics) on video and DVD.
  • Video Collection --mostly BBC productions, made-for-TV movies, mini-series, documentaries and classic TV shows on video and DVD, but also some classic movies (especially boxed gift sets) and a hard-to-find search service.
  • Footlight Records -- out-of-print music specialists who sell music-related videos, laser discs and DVDs as well, including many movie musicals, concerts and TV specials featuring classic movie musical stars.

General Video Dealers who also carry Classics:

  • --not as many titles as the movies-only dealers, but a good selection of classics, new and used, on video and DVD.
  • Alibris --an online bookseller also featuring new and used movies on video and DVD.
  • Columbia House DVD Club --join the club for free and pay only $0.49 for your first 5 DVDs; a good selection of classics too.
  • --the chain of video rental stores offers previewed videos at its retail locations as well as new videos and DVDs for sale at its website.
  • Video Universe --mostly modern titles, but some mainstream classics on video and DVD.
  • DVDPlanet --some videos and laser discs, but specializing in DVD formats of both modern and classic movies.

Rare Video & DVD Dealers:

  • Facets Video --specializing in art, foreign, documentary and classic videos with over 15,000 rare and out-of-print titles available for rent and purchase.
  • Bob's Home Page --a semi-retired private collector who sells and trades from his collection of 22,000 out-of-print and hard-to-find videos. 
  • Film Noir Video & 16mm --a club of film noir fans who trade hard-to-find titles from their collections on video and 16mm.
  • VCI Home Video --an independent home video studio specializing in rare, out-of-print and obscure films (including many classics) on video and DVD.
  • Great Lakes Cinephile Society --sells videos and DVDs of silent films with specially produced live organ accompaniment.
  • Archive Films --sells historical stock footage and film clips, mostly to professional filmmakers.
  • Vintage Video --sells original military films and documentaries.
  • 1stVideo --a Canadian dealer that runs free searches among its suppliers for the titles you're looking for; prices in U.S. Dollars.

Foreign Formats:

Please note that the standard video format in the United States is VHS/NTSC.  However, although the tapes frequently look the same, many other countries have different video formats such as VHS/PAL and SECAM.  DVDs also come in different formats based on the eight different regions in the world in which they are made and sold.  The dealers in this section specialize in non-U.S. video and DVD formats. To know which video and DVD formats work in which countries, see this VHS Formats Map and DVD Formats Map.

  • SendIt --(formerly BlackStar) the UK's largest video dealer and a good source for classics in PAL format or on DVD.
  • --the UK's oldest video and DVD dealer, specializing in new releases and older titles (including out-of-print and hard-to-finds) in the PAL video and Region 2 DVD formats.
  • Classic DVDs 4U --UK dealers specializing in classic movies in the Region-2 DVD format.
  • MovieMail --another UK source for PAL videos and DVD.
  • Novalis --a French dealer selling a few classics (mostly French versions) in SECAM and on DVD (site in French).

Videos and DVDs for Rent:

  • Netflix --rents as many DVDs of modern and classic movies as you can watch through the mail for a monthly fee.
  • Rick's Video --a Pennsylvania-based video store that rents videos through the mail to U.S. residents; 20,000 titles to choose, including a respectable collection of classics, from with a searchable online database.
  • Classic Hollywood --rents classic movies on video and DVD through the mail on a per-movie basis.
  • For Movies --a search engine for U.S. residents; enter the movie you're looking for and your Zip Code and this site will tell you the nearest video rental store that has it.
  • Video Library --rents hard-to-find classic movies, independents and international films through the mail (video and DVD; to U.S. residents only).
  • Facets Video --specializing in art, foreign, documentary and classic videos with over 15,000 rare and out-of-print titles available for rent and purchase.

Digital-Download Movie Dealers:

  • Movielink, LLC --an online movie rental service featuring a variety of MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment (Columbia/TriStar), Universal and Warner Bros. titles (including several classics) available for downloading to your computer.

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