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 Movie Posters:

Though they often strain my budget, I like to collect Classic Movie Posters. Vintage posters (those that were printed when the film came out and those printed to accompany subsequent theatrical re-releases of the film) are the real collectors items, but they are also more expensive -- sometimes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most popular films!  If you're new to vintage movie posters but think you might be interested in owning a few, start by reading a little about the history of poster collecting.  For poster fans on a tighter budget, there are lots of reprints available these days that are great for decorating and much less expensive than the real thing. 

The dealers on this list are grouped into the following categories (and don't forget to support Reel Classics by patronizing the vendors marked with a ):

Vintage Posters | Classic Poster Reprints | Other Poster Sites

For Vintage Movie Posters:

Major Dealers:

  • --Bruce Hershenson has published several books and auctions hundreds of posters weekly through his site; lots of high-quality images, past sales results and helpful advice; email him and subscribe to his free weekly email newsletter about vintage posters to get all kinds of insight about collecting and restoring posters; vintage only. 
  • Movie Poster Service (P.O. Box 517, Canton, OK 73724; tel: 580-886-2248; fax: 580-886-2249) --MPS was the country's first independent poster exchange (established in 1926) and has the largest collection of vintage movie posters in the world (over 1 million items!); website only shows a fraction of what they have, so email, call or write with requests.
  • MovieGoods --lots of vintage and reprints listed together but clearly identified; good search feature with images and a large selection of titles.
  • Heritage Movie Poster Auctions --a Dallas-based auction house that hosts regular online and live vintage poster auctions.
  • JS Dietz Movie Posters --vintage, listed by his own categories; also auctions his posters on eBay here.
  • The Movie Poster Shop --vintage and reprints as well as star posters;
  • Movie Poster Warehouse --vintage and reprints; organized by title with a search engine and some images.
  • Rick's Movie Posters and Pictures --vintage and reprints all listed together; good search feature with images.

Other Dealers:

Dealers of Non-U.S. Vintage Posters:

For Classic Movie Poster Reprints:

  • --good source for cheap reprints, search by title or star; calendars too; with images.
  • MovieGoods --probably the Internet's largest selection of classic poster reprints; search by title, star, director, year or genre; with images.
  • --see their Classic Cinema section for a good selection of cheap reprints; mostly film posters but some star portrait posters as well.
  • The Movie Poster Shop --vintage and reprints; organized by title with images
  • Rick's Movie Posters and Pictures --vintage and reprints all listed together; good search feature with images
  • Cyber-Cinema --lots of reprints; organized by title but few images
  • Reel Deals --modern originals and a few classic reprints; images but no search
  • Movie Poster Warehouse --mostly vintage, some reprints
  • Movie Star News --some reprints with images

Other Movie Poster-related Sites:

  • MoPo --a mailing list for poster collectors and dealers; lots of expertise about posters here.
  • Learn About Movie Posters --a reference site for beginners interested in learning more about the intricacies of collecting movie posters.
  • Greatest Films --no posters for sale here, but lots of good poster images to see.

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