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 More Movie Memorabilia:

If someone is willing to pay for it, someone else seems to be willing to sell it, and the offerings on this page range from autographs, magazines and movie scripts to lunch boxes, neck ties, cigarette cards, reproduction jewelry, costumes, props and even "things" once owned by the stars.  I'm no expert in this category, but if you are buying or possibly selling, some of the vendors here should be able to help you.

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Classic Celebrity Autograph Dealers:

Autograph collecting is a tricky business because a collector can never really know for sure that an autograph is the real thing unless the celebrity him/herself actually signs in the collector's presence.  And sometimes it's not even a question of honesty among dealers, as many of them don't know themselves if what they are selling is legitimate or not.  (For more information on the hazards of buying celebrity autographs, read John Reid's article on Autograph Collecting - Buyer Beware.)  Still, if you've just got to have someone's signature, try the dealers below:

Classic Movie-related Magazines:

  • Turner Classic Movies --they have a monthly programming guide called Now Playing; subscribe at their website or by calling 1-800-TCM-1002.
  • Gallagher Paper Collectibles --vintage magazines like LIFE, Vogue and movie magazines.
  • John's Collector's Mall --featuring vintage magazines like LIFE, Look, Collier's and McCall's from the 1940s and '50s.
  • Linda Tresham's House of Magazines --carries a few thousand vintage magazines.
  • ScoopScoop --vintage movie magazines organized by the star featured on the cover.
  • Footlight Records --vintage music specialists who also sell music-related periodicals, including such movie music titles as Soundtrack, Film Score Monthly and SHOWmusic.

Film Scripts for Classic Movies:

Free Online:

Available for Purchase:

Dealers for Miscellaneous Classic Movie-related Stuff:

  • The Franklin Mint: Hollywood and Celebrities --this is the place that sells all those commemorative plates and dolls that you always see advertised in magazines; high quality stuff commemorating such notables as John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, GONE WITH THE WIND, THE WIZARD OF OZ and more.
  • eMerchandise -- specializing in movie and TV collectibles (mostly modern, but some mainstream classic stuff too); everything from magnets, clocks and posters to metal signs, housewares and apparel.
  • The Hollywood Collection --sells reproductions of cinematic jewels from legendary films.
  • The Disney Store --visit the Collector's Corner section of their website for lots of classic Disney collectibles.
  • Private Eye: Noir Arts, Ltd. (511 Avenue of the Americas, Ste. 317, New York, NY 10011, tel: (212) 631-8780, email: --specializing in photography, lobby cards, books, prints, records, and other collectibles related to classic film noir and deco aesthetic.
  • Monsters in Motion --lots of classic movie models, figurines and other collectibles; mostly classic movie monsters but also others like The Three Stooges and 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA.
  • Heaven and Earth Movie Memorabilia --random things that once belonged to the stars: sunglasses, make-up cases and more, all with certificates of authenticity
  • Don and Pat's Hollywood Star Collectibles --specializing in Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak and Jean Harlow memorabilia
  • Creepy Classics --new and used classic horror collectibles; to quote their site "It's like a garage sale of pop horror, mystery and sci-fi culture..."
  • Kansas Wizard of Oz --a site featuring all kinds of THE WIZARD OF OZ memorabilia for sale.
  • Film Cutts -- a U.K. film memorabilia dealer specializing in John Wayne collectibles as well as other items from movies of the 1950s - present.
  • Betty's Attic --collectables of all kinds, including many related to classic movies and stars.
  • Hollywood Classics (1820 Market St., St. Louis Union Station, St. Louis, MO 63103; 314-421-2299) --a movie memorabilia store selling poster and photo reproductions as well as figurines, apparel, and other collectibles.
  • Celebrated Faces --an exhibit of artist Jeffrey Fain's movie star portraits available for purchase
  • Hollywood Collector--a private collector selling his posters, sheet music, toys, photos, records and more
  • Moviebilia --vintage cigarette cards, postcards and magazines organized by star
  • B&M Collectibles --features posters, sheet music, buttons, videos and soundtracks
  • Steve's Collectibles --sells vintage sheet music, cigarette cards, magazine ads and more
  • Fred Shops --an online personal shopper who for a (10% buyer's fee) will search for the movie memorabilia you want and get it for you.
  • Net Collections
  • World of Bargains
  • Paperstuff

Classic Movie Memorabilia Auction Sites:

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