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 Publicity Photos & Movie Stills:

Due to the enormous inventory of the best dealers and the labor intensity of scanning photos, the websites for the dealers in this category are usually a poor indicator of what is available.  To really see what a dealer has, you'll have to order a catalogue (usually for a few dollars).  That said, if you're looking for something specific, most of the big outfits tend to be very helpful and can describe over the phone what they have on a certain actor or film -- provided there isn't too much of it.  And remember when ordering, don't forget to find out the details: picture size, color or black-and-white, border or no border, vintage or reprint, shipping costs.

The vendors listed below sell photos, portraits and movie stills for your personal use -- like to frame or hang on your wall.  Purchasing images for commercial uses, such as in publications or advertising (whether for profit or not), is more complicated and is done through a different category of vendors.  Visit the Image/Clips Licensing page for a listing of commercial image vendors.

Vendors of Photos intended for your Personal Use:

  • The Movie Market (PO BOX 699, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693, tel: (949) 488-8444, fax: (949) 488 8445) --huge selection; call for a catalogue or to ask about a specific picture.
  • Movie Star News (134 W. 18th Street, New York, NY 10011, tel: (212) 620-8160) --the website gives a poor indication of what they have; call for a catalogue or to ask about a specific picture.
  • The Motion Picture and Television Photo Archive (16735 Saticoy Street, Suite 109, Van Nuys, CA 91406, tel: 818-997-8292, fax: 818-997-3998) --specializing in the work of still photographers whose subject matter is primarily the entertainment industry, MPTV licenses its images for editorial and commercial use and also makes gallery prints available for public purchase.
  • --primarily a poster store but featuring a number of classic movie portraits and stills as well.
  • Warner Bros. Photo Collection --selling photo reprints from Warner Bros. vast archives, including stills from its most famous movie titles.
  • --has some 8" x 10" photos of various stars for sale
  • S&P Parker's Movie Market --a photo dealer in the UK.
  • British Film Institute --the BFI sells prints of photos, movie stills and poster images from its vast collect both for personal use and for use in publications and online; not cheap, but a huge collection.
  • Corbis Digital Pictures --digital (computer file) pictures for personal or professional use.
  • Mirror Syndication International --sells pictures from the archive of the British tabloid.
  • Hollywood Celebrity Photographs --another small selection (about 100) of very high quality (and very expensive) photographic reprints of big-name classic movie star publicity portraits and famous studio sets; available framed or unframed.
  • Bill Cotter --a private collector selling from his stock of thousands of stills from Disney movies, mostly live-action but some behind-the-scenes photos from the classic animated films as well.
  • Adams Imaging --reprints of rare stills and publicity shots from silent films
  • Private Eye: Noir Arts, Ltd. (511 Avenue of the Americas, Ste. 317, New York, NY 10011, tel: (212) 631-8780, email: --some photographs, specializing in film noir.
  • Hollywood Collector --a private collector selling his photos.
  • Amazon's Movie Photo Auctions --a listing of the items currently for sale
  • Ebay's Movie Photo Auctions --a listing of the items currently for sale

Remember: Visit the Images/Clips Licensing page for information and a listing commercial image vendors if you need to purchase images for a commercial use, such as in publications or advertising.

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