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Mrs. Miniver (1942)

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
aliceinwonderland_illustration.jpg (10693 bytes) aliceinwonderland_
An illustration of Alice playing croquet from Alice in Wonderland.  
greer_pidgeon_mrsmin_poster.jpg (20643 bytes) greer_pidgeon_
A poster from MRS. MINIVER. courtesy Greatest Films.
A publicity still of Garson with Christopher Severn. courtesy Amazon.
greer_teresa_miniver_incar.jpg (15181 bytes) greer_teresa_
Teresa Wright and Greer Garson in a still in the car. scanned from Images of Women in Film: The War Years, 1941-1945 by M. Joyce Baker (1980).
greer_teresa_pidgeon_miniverpic.jpg (24463 bytes) greer_teresa_
A still after the engagement with Greer Garson, Teresa Wright and Walter Pidgeon. courtesy The Palace.
miniver_bookcover.jpg The cover of the 1940 edition of Mrs. Miniver. courtesy eBay.
miniver_bookcover2.jpg The dust jacket of the 1940 edition of Mrs. Miniver. courtesy eBay.
miniver_bookcover3.jpg The dust jacket of the 1942 edition of Mrs. Miniver. courtesy eBay.
miniver_churchfinale.jpg (21501 bytes) miniver_churchfinale.jpg Dame May Whitty, Walter Pidgeon, Greer Garson, Christopher Severn, and Richard Ney listening to the Wilcoxon Speech. courtesy Meredy's Visions in B&W.
Teresa Wright and Dame May Whitty in church. scanned from LIFE Magazine (July 20, 1942, page 43).
Henry Travers and Greer Garson discuss the naming of flowers. scanned from Hollywood Goes to War: How POlitics, Profits and Propoganda Shaped World War II Movies by Clayton R. Koppes and Gregory D. Black (1987).
Henry Wilcoxon delivers the film's finale speech. scanned from Lionheart in Hollywood: the autobiography of Henry Wilcoxon by Henry Wilcoxon with Katherine Orrison (1991).
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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