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Mrs. Miniver (1942)

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Cast List:
Mrs. Kay Miniver Greer Garson
Clem Miniver Walter Pidgeon
Carol Beldon Teresa Wright
Lady Beldon Dame May Whitty
Mr. Ballard Henry Travers
Foley Reginald Owen
Voice of Lord Haw Haw, the German Agent Miles Mander
Vicar Henry Wilcoxon
Vin Miniver Richard Ney
Judy Miniver Clare Sandars
Toby Miniver Christopher Severn
Gladys, the Housemaid Brenda Forbes
Horace Perkins Rhys Williams
Ada, the Cook Marie de Becker
German Flier Helmut Dantine
Miss Spriggins Mary Field
Man Tom Conway
Choral Voices St. Luke's Choristers
Nobby Paul Scardon
Ginger Ben Webster
George, the Innkeeper Aubrey Mather
Huggins Forrester Harvey
Fred, the Porter John Abbott
Simpson, the Maid Connie Leon
Conductor Billy Bevan
Woman with Dog Florence Wix
Old Man Bobby Hale
Lady Passenger Alice Monk
Saleslady Ottola Nesmith
Porter Douglas Gordon
Car Dealer Gerald Oliver Smith
Joe Alec Craig
Mrs. Huggins Clara Reid
William Harry Allen
Dancing Partner Leslie Vincent
Halliday John Burton
Haldon's Butler Leonard Carey
Marston Eric Lonsdale
Barman Guy Bellis
Mac Charles Irwin
Dentist Ian Wolfe
Farmer David Thursby
Milkman Charles Bennett
Sir Henry Arthur Wimperis
Carruthers David Clyde
Bickles Colin Campbell
Doctors Herbert Clifton, Leslie Francis
Man at Flower Show Sidney Franklin
Men in Store David Dunbar, Art Berry, Sr., Sidney D'Albrook
Glee Club Members Gene Byram, Virginia Bassett, Aileen Carlyle, Irene Denny, Herbert Evans, Eula Morgan, Vernon Steele, Vivie Steele, Marek Windheim, Tudor Williams
Contestants Kitty Watson, Hugh Greenwood, Sybil Bacon, Florence Benson
Judge Harold Howard
Townsman Billy Engle
Miniver Guest Louise Bates
Waiter Edward Cooper
Men in Tavern Walter Byron, Ted Billings, Dan Maxwell, Frank Atkinson, Henry King, Gil Perkins, John Power
Mr. Verger Thomas Louden
Pilot Peter Lawford
Workman Stanley Mann
Policemen Leslie Sketchley, Emerson Fisher-Smith, Frank Baker, Colin Kenny

Cast information from Cinemania '95 and the American Film Institute Catalog.

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