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Mrs. Miniver (1942)

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Article 5

"Mrs. Miniver" Sets a Record

by Thomas M. Pryor

The New York Times  August 9, 1942 page VIII 3

Winding up its run at the Music Hall this week, Metro's "Mrs. Miniver" is, after a record ten-week tenancy, still maintaining a box-office pace that would be considered exceptionally strong even for the first week of a better-than-average attraction at that house. When it moves out Wednesday night more than $1,000,000 will have been recorded for this single playdate. Metro's share of the receipts will be approximately $300,000, or close to half its investment in the production. Though the New York run is exceptional, the picture is also bowling over records in other parts of the country, and the Metro accountants are playing a merry tune indeed on their adding machines.

Statistically, "Mrs. Miniver" is a potent argument on the side of such crusaders as Samuel Goldwyn, whose credo is "fewer and better" pictures. (Incidentally, Mr. Goldwyn's "The Pride of the Yankees" has established a record of its own at the 1,141-seat Astor, accumulating an all-time high of $84,500 in receipts during its first three weeks.) For the record, here is a week-by-week compilation of "Mrs. Miniver's" gross at the 6,200-seat Music Hall: First week, $111,000; second, $109,000; third, $106,000; fourth, $105,000; fifth, $107,000; sixth, $101,000; seventh, $99,000; eighth, $97,000; ninth, $96,500, and on this its final week, the management expects the gross to climb back to $100,000. The Music Hall's seers, who are rarely far off in their estimates, believe the total attendance will be about 1,500,000.

© 1942 The New York Times

Elizabeth's Note: According to a report in The Times the following week (17 August 1942), MRS. MINIVER earned a total of $1,031,500 during its ten-week run at Radio City Music Hall, making its gross for the tenth week $100,000.

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