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 Music Clips 7

Classic Music Clips: Titles E

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All the following audio files are either in .WAV, .MOV, .AU, .RA, .RM, .RAM, .MP2 or .MP3 format and the formats are listed next to each file. All files are ordered alphabetically according to movie, or where unknown, under a miscellaneous category. Click the music icon next to the title to access the file.

Most of these files are only 30-seconds-to-a-minute-long clips of the original songs in order to encourage you to buy the source material.  For more information on purchasing Classic Movie Music and Soundtracks, visit the Merchandising section.

Reel Classics is licensed to feature these music clips by arrangement with BMI Media Licensing.  Visit the plug-ins page if you have difficulty opening these files.

EAST OF EDEN (1955):

  • Click here"Main Theme" (clip) by Leonard Rosenman (a .MP3 file).


EASY TO LOVE (1953):

  • Click here"Did'ja Ever?" (clip) sung by Tony Martin (a .MP3 file courtesy Rhino Records).


EL CID (1961):


EXODUS (1960):

  • Click here"Main Title" (clip) by Ernest Gold (a .MP3 file).


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