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All the audio, video and text files referenced at should be fully readable using any standard browser equipped with the proper plug-ins. Downloading instructions are available for certain plug-ins below, all of which are distributed by their manufacturers free of charge.

Currently, these are the plug-ins endorsed by  However, if you know of another free plug-in which could be of assistance to's visitors, please let me know.

Free Plug-in Downloads

  • Downloading instructions for QuickTime which plays all the .QT and .MOV movie and sound files as well as others.
    PLEASE NOTE: QuickTime 4.1 only supports the lower versions of the .MP3 audio file format (MPEG-1), not the more recent versions (MPEG-2).
  • Downloading instructions for RealPlayer which plays the .RAM videos, the .RA, .RM and .RAM audio files, and the .MP3 audio files as well as CDs.
  • Downloading instructions for Winamp which plays the .WAV and .MP3 audio files as well as CDs. 
  • Downloading Instructions for Windows Media Player which plays all of the .MID, .WAV and .AU audio files, most of the .MP2 and .MP3 audio files, all of the .AVI video files, some of the .MOV and .QT video files, as well as others.
    PLEASE NOTE: Windows Media Player only supports the lower versions of the .MOV video format (version 2.0 and below), not the more recent versions.
  • Downloading instructions for Adobe Acrobat Reader which opens .PDF formatted text documents.
  • WinZip a program which decompresses or "unzips" .ZIP files (which are packets of files zipped into one easily-downloadable file).

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