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An Important Note About This List

The purpose of this list of mailing addresses for classic movie-related celebrities is to facilitate communication between the stars and their fans.  It is designed to help classic movie fans know where and how to write letters of appreciation to their favorite stars, as well as to help the stars tell the fans if and how they prefer to be contacted.  The information on this list has been provided by the stars themselves and represents their wishes, unless otherwise noted.  Under no circumstances will any information which could potentially threaten the privacy or personal safety of a star be posted without the prior written consent of the star, and any information posted on this list is subject to immediate modification or removal at the request of a star or his/her personal representative.

Beginning in January 2000, Reel Classics has attempted to contact 700+ classic movie-related stars: first, to obtain permission from them to list their address on this site (a measure taken to assure the privacy of the stars listed here); and second, to ask them their mail and autograph policies.  More than three years later, responses continue to come in to the initial round of inquiries and to subsequent mailings.  Here is a guide to the informal "coding" of the listings:

  • Stars whose addresses appear in boxes have given me permission to list their mailing address and accept fan mail at that address, although they may not respond.  Any information about their autograph policies was also supplied by them.  (Thus, if a star does not accept autograph requests, do not solicit them.)  
  • Addresses that are not boxed have not been confirmed -- they may work; they may not.  They appear on this website without written permission from the star because they are either P.O. Boxes or business addresses and do not compromise the star's security by being listed here without their knowledge. If however, through the confirmation process, the stars indicate they do not want these addresses listed, they will be removed.


Check back periodically for updates to the addresses list, as letters are still going out and responses are still coming in. 

Finally, please help me maintain the accuracy of this list.  If you have any problems with any of these addresses (returned to sender, refused, etc. -- a non-response is not a "problem"), please let me know.  And tell me about your successes too.  However, DON'T ask me to email you an address which is unlisted at the request of the star.  I won't do it.  Nor will I forward mail on to people.  Don't even bother to ask.

About the List | Writing the Stars | Addresses | Further Links

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