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Show Boat (1936)

Film - 1936 | Cast - 1936 | Crew -1936

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Crew - 1936:
Producing/Distributing Studio Universal Pictures
PresenterCarl Laemmle
ProducerCarl Laemmle, Jr.
DirectorJames Whale
Dialogue Director Leighton Brill
Assistant Directors Joseph A. McDonough, Harry Mieneke, Joe Torillo
Stage play, screen play and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
(based on the novel by Edna Ferber (1926))
Story Billie Burke
Contributor Writer ZoŽ Akins
Cinematographer John J. Mescall
Second Camera Alan Jones
Special cinematographer John P. Fulton
Art Director Charles D. Hall
Film Editors Ted Kent, Bernard Burton
Editor Supervisor Maurice Pivar
Costumes Western Costume Company
Wardrobe Carl Leas
Costumes Design Doris Zinkeisen
Costumes Executive Vera West
Designer Ed Brymer
Music Director Victor Baravalle
Musical Arrangement Russell Bennett
Sound Supervisor Gilbert Kurland
Recording of Music Mike McLaughlin
Recording of production William Hedgecock
Dance Director LeRoy Prinz
Hair Doris Carico
Makeup Jack Pierce, Charles Gorman
Technical DirectorLeighton Brill
Screenplay clerk Helen McCaffrey
Stand-in for Irene Dunne Katherine Stanley
Stand-in for Allan Jones Jack Latham
Stand-in for Helen Morgan Mary Stewart

Crew information from The American Film Institute Catalog.

Film - 1936 | Cast - 1936 | Crew -1936

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