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Show Boat (1929)

Film - 1929 | Cast - 1929 | Crew - 1929

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Cast - 1929:
Capt. Andy Hawks (prologue) Otis Harlan
Julie (prologue only) Helen Morgan
Joe (prologue only) Jules Bledsoe
Queenie (prologue only) Tess "Aunt Jemima" Gardella
Themselves (prologue only) The Jubilee Singers
Himself (prologue only) Carl Laemmle
Himself (prologue only) Florenz Ziegfeld
MagnoliaLaura La Plante
Gaylord RavenalJoseph Schildkraut
Capt. Andy HawksOtis Harlan
Parthenia HawksEmily Fitzroy
JulieAlma Rubens
EllyElsie Bartlett
WindyJack McDonald
Magnolia as a child/KimJane La Verne
SchultzyNeely Edwards
FrankTheodore Lorch
JoeStepin Fetchit
QueenieGertrude Howard
The killerRalph Yearsley
SteveGeorge Chesebro
MeansHarry Holden
Utility manMax Asher
StagehandJim Coleman
WheelsmanCarl Herlinger
SingersThe Billbrew Chorus

Cast information from the American Film Institute Catalog.

Film - 1929 | Cast - 1929 | Crew - 1929

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