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Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Image Credits

Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
ohara_miracle34.jpg (22599 bytes) ohara_miracle34.jpg A pensive O'Hara. courtesy Erik's Maureen O'Hara Gallery (no longer online).
ohara_miracle34_poster.jpg (23096 bytes) ohara_miracle34_
A poster from MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. courtesy Greatest Films.
ohara_miracle34_table.jpg (22451 bytes) ohara_miracle34_
Edmund Gwenn, John Payne, Natalie Wood and Maureen O'Hara around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. courtesy The Palace.
wood_miracle34_monkey.jpg (16197 bytes) wood_miracle34_
Natalie Wood being a monkey. scanned from Miracle on 34th Street: a Hollywood Classic by Sarah Parker Danielson (1993).

*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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