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Many of the sites listed here are about directors, stars and other classic movie personalities about whom I don't yet have pages. If my search engine brought you here instead of to one of my other pages, then I definitely suggest you check out these sites to help you find what you're looking for.  And if you've got a site you think I should add to this list, use the comment form to submit it.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

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  1. Ken Annakin:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1998: Ken Annakin
  2. King Baggot:
    1. Silent Directors: King Baggott
  3. Ingmar Bergman:
    1. Mason-West: The Films of Ingmar Bergman
    2. The Magic Works of Ingmar Bergman
    3. Film Ref: Ingmar Bergman
  4. Busby Berkeley:
    1. PBS: Great Performances: Busby Berkeley
    2. Lynn's Tribute to Busby Berkeley
  5. Herbert Brenon:
    1. Silent Directors: Herbert Brenon
  6. Clarence Brown:
    1. The Clarence Brown Theatre: Clarence Brown
  7. Tod Browning:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, June 1996: Tod Browning
  8. James Cruze:
    1. Silent Directors: James Cruze
  9. Andre de Toth:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Andre de Toth
  10. Edward Dmytryk:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Edward Dmytryk
    2. Movie Maker Magazine: Edward Dmytryk (2)
  11. Carl Dryer:
    1. Great Cinema Directors: Carl Dryer
  12. Allan Dwan:
    1. Silent Directors: Allan Dwan
  13. John Frankenheimer:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: John Frankenheimer
    2. ETV: John Frankenheimer
    3. National Public Radio: 1990 - Interview with John Frankenheimer
  14. Sam Fuller:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Sam Fuller
  15. D.W. Griffith
    1. American Masters: D.W. Griffith
    2. Silent Directors: D.W. Griffith
    3. Silent Gents: David Wark Griffith
  16. Henry Hathaway:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1999: Henry Hathaway
  17. Thomas Ince:
    1. Silent Directors: Thomas Ince
  18. Chuck Jones:
    1. PBS Great Performances: Chuck Jones
    2. Salon Magazine: Chuck Jones
  19. Garson Kanin:
    1. William Inge Theatre Festival: Garson Kanin
  20. Henry King:
    1. Silent Directors: Henry King
  21. Stanley Kubrick:
    1. Great Directors: Stanley Kubrick
    2. Britmovie: Stanley Kubrick
    3. Stanley Kubrick -- The Master Filmmaker
    4. Movie Maker Magazine: Stanley Kubrick
    5. Movie Maker Magazine: Stanley Kubrick (2)
  22. Akira Kurosawa:
    1. Bright Lights Film Journal: Akira Kurosawa
    2. PBS Great Performances: Akira Kurosawa
    3. Movie Maker Magazine: Akira Kurosawa
  23. Fritz Lang:
    1. A BBC Interview with Fritz Lang
    2. BFI: A Tribute to Fritz Lang
    3. BFI: Sight and Sound: January 2000: Fritz Lang
    4. Silent Era: Fritz Lang by E.H. Larsen
    5. Fritz Lang by Jeffrey Scheuer
  24. Mervyn LeRoy:
    1. FOGA, Spring 1999: Mervyn LeRoy
  25. Ernst Lubitsch:
    1. The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch
    2. Goethe-Institut Montreal: Ernst Lubitsch
    3. Silent Directors: Ernst Lubitsch
  26. Anthony Mann:
    1. The Films of Anthony Mann
  27. Delbert Mann:
    1. ETV: Delbert Mann
  28. George Melies:
    1. Silent Era: George Melies by E.H. Larsen
  29. Vincente Minnelli:
    1. BFI: Vincente Minnelli
    2. The Cinematic Aesthetics of Vincente Minnelli
    3. The Guardian: Vincente Minnelli's THE BAND WAGON
  30. F.W. Murnau:
    1. Silent Directors: F.W. Murnau
  31. Marshall Neilan:
    1. Silent Directors: Marshall Neilan
  32. Nicholas Ray:
    1. The Films of Nicholas Ray
    2. The Guardian: Nicholas Ray's JOHNNY GUITAR
  33. Carol Reed:
    1. Britmovie: Carol Reed
  34. Jean Renoir:
    1. Columbia Oral History: Jean Renoir on Darryl Zanuck
    2. Columbia Oral History: Jean Renoir on Actors and Audiences
    3. Columbia Oral History: Jean Renoir on LA GRANDE ILLUSION
  35. Leni Riefenstahl:
    1. Salon Magazine: Leni Riefenstahl
  36. Michael Powell:
    1. Britmovie: Michael Powell
    2. Powell & Pressburger: Michael Powell
    3. BFI: A Tribute to Powell and Pressburger
  37. Emeric Pressburger:
    1. Britmovie: Emeric Pressburger
    2. Powell & Pressburger: Emeric Pressburger
    3. BFI: A Tribute to Powell and Pressburger
  38. Vincent Sherman:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Vincent Sherman
  39. Andrew Stone: 
    1. FOGA, Summer 1997: Andrew Stone
  40. Maurice Tourneur:
    1. Silent Era: Maurice Tourneur by E.H. Larsen
  41. Josef Von Sternberg:
    1. Silent Directors: Josef Von Sternberg
  42. Erich von Stroheim:
    1. Silent Directors: Erich von Stroheim
    2. Silent Star of the Month, October 1997: Erich von Stroheim
    3. Silent Gents: Erich von Stroheim


  1. Abbott and Costello (the classic screen team):
    1. The Official Abbott and Costello Fan Club
  2. Travis Banton (the costume designer):
    1. FOGA, Winter 1997: Travis Banton
  3. Irving Berlin (the classic songwriter):
    1. NARA: Irving Berlin - This is the Army
  4. Betty Boop (the animated character):
    1. Clickable Bombshells: Betty Boop by Dawn Marie
    2. Boopaholics Anonymous
    3. Member Sites of the Betty Boop WebRing
  5. Robert Boyle (the production designer):
    1. AFI: Conversation with Robert Boyle
  6. Jack Cardiff (the cinematographer):
    1. The Jack Cardiff Page by Mark Armstrong
    2. BFI: A Tribute to Jack Cardiff 
    3. Powell & Pressburger: Jack Cardiff
  7. Charlie Chan (the film series):
    1. Classic Images, September 1997: The Charlie Chan Films
    2. Classic Images, October 1997: The Charlie Chan Films
  8. Paddy Chayefsky (the screenwriter):
    1. ETV: Paddy Chayefsky
  9. Cisco Kid (the western film series):
    1. Cowboy Pal: Cisco Kid
  10. George M. Cohan (the classic composer):
    1. Red-Headed League: George M. Cohan
  11. Linwood Dunn (the photographic effects artist):
    1. Leonard Maltin on Linwood Dunn
  12. Peter Ellenshaw (the matte painting artist):
    1. Leonard Maltin on Peter Ellenshaw
  13. George Gershwin (the classic songwriter):
    1. American Masters: George Gershwin
  14. Jerry Goldsmith (the composer):
    1. National Public Radio: 2004 - Remembering Jerry Goldsmith
  15. Hopalong Cassidy (the western film series):
    1. The Official Hopalong Cassidy Website
    2. Cowboy Pal: William Boyd- Hopalong Cassidy
  16. Harry Horner (the production designer):
    1. AFI: Conversation with Harry Horner
  17. James Wong Howe (the cinematographer):
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: James Wong Howe
  18. James Bond (the film series):
    1. The James Bond Films by Sandcastle
    2. The James Bond International Fan Club
  19. Alexander Korda (the producer):
    1. SIMPP: Alexander Korda
  20. Lorenz Hart (the lyricist):
    1. Lorenz Hart's Home Page by Ale Martini 
  21. Laurel and Hardy (the classic screen team):
    1. Silent Gents: Oliver Hardy and Silent Gents: Stan Laurel
    2. Way Out West Tent: The International Laurel and Hardy Society
    3. Slapstick's Laurel and Hardy Quicktimes
    4. Come Clean: Laurel and Hardy
    5. The Laurel & Hardy Museum
    6. National Public Radio: 2004 - Laurel & Hardy in German
  22. Johnny Mercer (the classic lyricist):
    1. Johnny Mercer Educational Archive
    2. The Friends of Johnny Mercer
    3. My Huckleberry Friend: The Lyrics of Johnny Mercer
  23. Jerome Moross (the classic composer):
    1. The Official Jerome Moross Web Site
  24. Ennio Morricone (the classic composer):
    1. Movie Music U.K. - Ennio Morricone
    2. Ennio Morricone Website (in German)
  25. Alex North (the classic composer):
    1. The Official Alex North Web Site
  26. Dorothy Parker (the classic screenwriter):
    1. Columbia Oral History: Dorothy Parker on Hollywood
  27. André Previn:
    1. The Kennedy Center Honors: André Previn
  28. Cole Porter (the classic songwriter):
    1. American Masters: Cole Porter
  29. Lotte Reiniger (the silent film silhouette animator):
    1. Silent Era: Lotte Reiniger by E.H. Larsen
  30. Rin Tin Tin (the classic canine star):
    1. Silent Animals: Rin Tin Tin
  31. Richard Rodgers:
    1.'s Richard Rodgers Tribute
  32. Ladislas Starevitch (the stop-motion animator):
    1. Silent Era: Ladislas Starevitch
  33. Tarzan (the film series)
    1. Matt's Tarzan Movie Guide by Matt Winans
  34. Harry Thomas (the film make-up artist):
    1. The Harry Thomas Web Page by Dennis 
  35. The Three Stooges (the classic screen team):
  36. Walter Wanger (the producer):
    1. SIMPP: Walter Wanger
  37. Harry Warren (the classic composer):
    1. Harry Warren Music

Pages about multiple stars and personalities:

  1. The Red-Headed League by Ginger Aldrich 
  2. The Hollywood Legends by Michael Druxman 
  3. Notable Personalities of the Silent Era by E.H. Larsen
  4. They Had Faces Then by Steve Magee 
  5. The United Kingdom Actors Appreciation Society by Marie (with links to pages about famous UK stars)
  6. Los cómicos del cine by Salvador Sainz (in Spanish about classic comedians)

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