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 More Classic Actresses: Page 2

All of the sites listed here are about classic movie actresses for whom I don't yet have pages. If my search engine brought you here instead of to one of my other pages, then I definitely suggest you check out these sites to help you find what you're looking for.  And if you've got a site you think I should add to this list, use the comment form to submit it.

Please remember that the sites in this section are not part of, and though all were reviewed before their links were added, Reel Classics, L.L.C. cannot be responsible for their content.  If you find any of them to be objectionable, please let me know.

Individual Actress Pages: Last Names M-Z

  1. Jeannette MacDonald:
    1. The Jeannette MacDonald Homepage by Susan Cassidy
    2. Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy--A Tribute
    3. The Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Home Page
    4. TVNow's monthly Jeannette MacDonald schedule
    5. Denny's Jeannette MacDonald Page by Denny Jackson
    6. Reel Jewels: Jeanette MacDonald
  2. Dorothy MacKaill:
    1. Silent Ladies: Dorothy MacKaill
  3. Gisele MacKenzie:
    1. The Official Gisele MacKenzie Home Page
  4. Shirley MacLaine:
    1. Larry King Live: Shirley MacLaine
  5. Jayne Mansfield:
    1. Screen Sirens: Jayne Mansfield
    2. Clickable Bombshells: Jayne Mansfield by Dawn Marie
    3. Denny's Jayne Mansfield Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Jayne Mansfield : The Pink Pages by Pygar
    5. CMGWW: The Estate of Jayne Mansfield
  6. Martha Mansfield:
    1. Classic Images, October 1997: Martha Mansfield
  7. Frances Marion:
    1. Reel Women: Frances Marion
  8. Mae Marsh:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, July 1997: Mae Marsh
    2. Silent Ladies: Mae Marsh
  9. Marian Marsh:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1998: Marian Marsh
  10. Connie Marshall:
    1. Child Actresses: Connie Marshall by Bob
    2. ChildStarlets: Connie Marshall
  11. Donna Martell:
    1. Classic Images, September 1997: Donna Martell
  12. Jessie Matthews:
    1. Wicked Lady: Jessie Matthews
  13. Marilyn Maxwell:
    1. Famous Iowans: Marilyn Maxwell
  14. May McAvoy:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, July 1998: May McAvoy
    2. Silent Ladies: May McAvoy
  15. Irish McCalla:
    1. Famous Iowans: Irish McCalla
  16. Patty McCormack:
    1. ChildStarlets: Patty McCormack
  17. Ruth McDevitt:
    1. Great Character Actors: Ruth McDevitt
  18. Sharon McManus:
    1. Class Act: Sharon McManus by Jim Johnson
    2. ChildStarlets: Sharon McManus
  19. Cheerio Meredith:
    1. Great Character Actors: Cheerio Meredith
  20. Gertrude Michael:
    1. FOGA, Winter 1998: Gertrude Michael
  21. Patsy Ruth Miller:
    1. Silent Ladies: Patsy Ruth Miller
  22. Shirley Mills:
    1. The Web Site of Shirley Mills
  23. Liza Minnelli:
    1. The Music of Liza Minnelli by Roy
  24. Mary Miles Minter:
    1. Classic Images, July 1997: Mary Miles Minter
    2. Denny's Mary Miles Minter Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Silent Ladies: Mary Miles Minter
  25. Carmen Miranda:
    1. Clickable Bombshells: Carmen Miranda by Dawn Marie
    2. Denny's Carmen Miranda Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Bright Lights Film Journal: Carmen Miranda
    4. CMGWW: The Estate of Carmen Miranda
  26. Sharyn Moffett:
    1. ChildStarlets: Sharyn Moffett
  27. Maria Montez:
    1. Maria Montez- A Domenican Star
    2. Screen Sirens: Maria Montez by Doug Stickney
    3. Denny's Maria Montez Page by Denny Jackson
  28. Baby Peggy Montgomery:
    1. Silent Ladies: Baby Peggy Montgomery
  29. Cleo Moore:
    1. Denny's Cleo Moore Page by Denny Jackson
    2. FOGA, Summer 1996: Cleo Moore
  30. Colleen Moore:
    1. Denny's Colleen Moore Page by Denny Jackson
    2. They Had Faces Then: Colleen Moore by Steve Magee
    3. Silent Star of the Month, August 1997: Colleen Moore
    4. Silent Ladies: Colleen Moore
    5. FOGA, Spring 1999: Colleen Moore
  31. Mary Tyler Moore:
    1. Planet Mary
    2. The Unofficial Mary Tyler Moore Show Site
    3. Classic TV: The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    4. ETV: Mary Tyler Moore
    5. Member Sites of the Mary Tyler Moore WebRing
  32. Karen Morley:
    1. Famous Iowans: Karen Morley
  33. Mae Murray:
    1. Silent Ladies: Mae Murray
    2. Classic Images, August 1996: Mae Murray
  34. Nita Naldi:
    1. Silent Ladies: Nita Naldi
    2. Denny's Nita Naldi Page by Denny Jackson
  35. Alla Nazimova:
    1. Silent Era: Alla Nazimova by E.H. Larsen
    2. Silent Ladies: Alla Nazimova
    3. Silent Star of the Month, February 1999: Alla Nazimova
  36. Anna Neagle:
    1. Wicked Lady: Anna Neagle
  37. Patricia Neal:
    1. WIC: Patricia Neal
    2. Northwestern University: Patricia Neal
    3. About Patricia Neal
  38. Pola Negri:
    1. Silent Ladies: Pola Negri
    2. Denny's Pola Negri Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Silent Star of the Month, April 1996: Pola Negri
  39. Harriet Nelson: see Harriet Hilliard
  40. Portia Nelson:
    1. The Portia Nelson Homepage by Steven Martin
  41. Cathleen Nesbitt:
    1. Great Character Actors: Cathleen Nesbitt
  42. Julie Newmar:
    1. The Julie Newmar Backpage
  43. Anna Q. Nilsson
    1. Silent Ladies: Anna Q. Nilsson
  44. Mary Nolan:
    1. FOGA, Winter '99/'00: Mary Nolan
  45. Mabel Normand:
    1. Silent Ladies: Mabel Normand
    2. Classic Images, September 1997: Mabel Norman
    3. Denny's Mabel Normand Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Slapstick's Mabel Normand Quicktimes
  46. Kim Novak:
    1. Andrew's Kim Novak Tribute by Andrew
    2. Lavender Blond: Kim Novak by Mark Toscani
    3. Screen Sirens: Kim Novak by Doug Stickney
    4. Denny's Kim Novak Page by Denny Jackson
    5.'s Kim Novak Tribute
  47. Merle Oberon:
    1. Andrew's Merle Oberon Tribute by Andrew
    2. Lynn's Merle Oberon Page
    3. Screen Sirens: Merle Oberon by Doug Stickney
    4. Denny's Merle Oberon Page by Denny Jackson
  48. Joan O'Brien:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1999: Joan O'Brien
  49. Cindy O'Callaghan:
    1. ChildStarlets: Cindy O'Callaghan
  50. Molly O'Day:
    1. Classic Images, March 1997: Molly O'Day
  51. Edna May Oliver:
    1. Great Character Actors: Edna May Oliver
  52. Sally O'Neil:
    1. Silent Ladies: Sally O'Neil
  53. Maureen O'Sullivan:
    1. Andrew's Maureen O'Sullivan Tribute by Andrew
    2.'s Tribute to Maureen O'Sullivan by Brad Lang
    3. Denny's Maureen O'Sullivan Page by Denny Jackson
  54. Anita Page:
    1. Silent Ladies: Anita Page
  55. Patti Page:
    1. The Official Patti Page Site
  56. Lilli Palmer:
    1. Screen Sirens: Lilli Palmer
  57. Eleanor Parker:
    1. Screen Sirens: Eleanor Parker by Doug Stickney
    2. FOGA, Spring 1998: Eleanor Parker
  58. Jean Parker:
    1. FOGA, Summer 1997: Jean Parker
  59. Suzy Parker:
    1. Screen Sirens: Suzy Parker
  60. Helen Parrish:
    1. ChildStarlets: Helen Parrish
  61. Harriet 'Baby' Parsons:
    1. Famous Iowans: Harriet Parsons
  62. Luana Patten:
    1. ChildStarlets: Luana Patten
  63. Neva Patterson:
    1. Famous Iowans: Neva Patterson
  64. Barbara Payton:
    1. Hollywood Starlet Barbara Payton
  65. Jean Peters:
    1. Screen Sirens: Jean Peters
  66. Mary Philbin:
    1. Silent Ladies: Mary Philbin
  67. Mary Pickford:
    1. Mary Pickford: America's Sweetheart by Jarod
    2. The Estate of Mary Pickford
    3. Denny's Mary Pickford Page by Denny Jackson
    4. They Had Faces Then: Mary Pickford by Steve Magee
    5. SIMPP: Mary Pickford
    6. Silent Ladies: Mary Pickford
    7. Steve's Mary Pickford Page
    8. Northern Stars: Mary Pickford
    9. Reel Women: Mary Pickford
    10. May Pickford - My Best Girl by Gordon
  68. Nova Pilbeam:
    1. Wicked Lady: Nova Pilbeam
  69. Suzanne Pleshette:
    1. Meredy's Suzanne Pleshette Tribute by Meredy
    2. Meredy's Suzanne Pleshette Trivia Mania
  70. Stefanie Powers:
    1. Stefanie Powers' Official Fan Club
    2. Nancy's Stefanie Powers Page
  71. Paula Prentiss:
    1. Paula Prentiss Home Page
  72. Marie Prevost: 
    1. Silent Ladies: Marie Prevost
  73. Edna Purviance:
    1. Edna Purviance UK
    2. Silent Ladies: Edna Purviance
  74. Ella Rains:
    1. Screen Sirens: Ella Raines by Doug Stickney
  75. Luise Rainer:
    1. Movie Maker Magazine: Luise Rainer
    2. Screen Sirens: Luise Rainer by Doug Stickney
    3. Luise Rainer
  76. Esther Ralston:
    1. Silent Ladies: Esther Ralston
  77. Jobyna Ralston:
    1. Silent Ladies: Jobyna Ralston
  78. Lynn Redgrave:
    1. Lynn Redgrave Official Homepage
  79. Adeline deWalt Reynolds:
    1. Famous Iowans: Adeline deWalt Reynolds
  80. Flora Robson:
    1. Wicked Lady: Flora Robson
  81. Patricia 'Pat' Roc:
    1. Wicked Lady: Patricia Roc
  82. Lela Rogers:
    1. Famous Iowans: Lela Rogers
  83. Gail Russell:
    1. Denny's Gail Russell Page by Denny Jackson
  84. Jane Russell:
    1. WIC: Jane Russell
    2. Screen Sirens: Jane Russell by Doug Stickney
    3. Clickable Bombshells: Jane Russell by Dawn Marie
    4. Denny's Jane Russell Page by Denny Jackson
    5. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Jane Russell
  85. Rosalind Russell:
    1. Rosalind Russell's Homepage by David Geary
    2. Life is a Banquet: Rosalind Russell by Harriet
  86. Ann Rutherford:
    1. Short Sighted: Ann Rutherford by Patrick Picking
    2. Denny's Ann Rutherford Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Northern Stars: Ann Rutherford
  87. Eva Marie Saint:
    1. Screen Sirens: Eva Marie Saint by Doug Stickney
    2. Larry King Live: Reminiscing about Alfred Hitchcock
    3. National Public Radio: 2000 - Interview with Eva Marie Saint
  88. Mary Jane Saunders:
    1. ChildStarlers: Mary Jane Saunders
  89. Olga San Juan:
    1. Olga San Juan: The Puerto Rican Pepper Pot by Maura
  90. Lizabeth Scott:
    1. The Lizabeth Scott Homepage by Doug Stickney
    2. Screen Sirens: Lizabeth Scott by Doug Stickney
  91. Jean Seberg:
    1. Bright Lights Film Journal: Jean Seberg
    2. Famous Iowans: Jean Seberg
  92. Dorothy Shay:
    1. The Dorothy Shay Fan Pages
  93. Moira Shearer:
    1. Powell & Pressburger: Moira Shearer
    2. magazine: Moira Shearer
  94. Norma Shearer:
    1. Shearer Sophistication by D'Arcy
    2. Lynn's Norman Shearer Tribute by Lynn
    3. Denny's Norman Shearer Page by Denny Jackson
    4. Silent Star of the Month, March 1996: Norma Shearer
    5. Silent Ladies: Norma Shearer
    6. Bright Lights Film Journal: Norma Shearer
    7. Northern Stars: Norma Shearer
    8. FOGA, Winter 1998: Norma Shearer
  95. Dinah Shore:
    1. ETV: Dinah Shore
  96. Sylvia Sidney:
    1. Denny's Sylvia Sidney Page by Denny Jackson
  97. Beverly Sue Simmons:
    1. ChildStarlets: Beverly Sue Simmons
  98. Simone Simon:
    1. Hurrell Photography: Simone Simon
    2. Hollywood Pinups: Simone Simon
    3. Simone Simon by JD Chandler
  99. Alexis Smith:
    1. Northern Stars: Alexis Smith
  100. Ann Sothern:
    1. Screen Sirens: Ann Sothern by Doug Stickney
    2. Denny's Ann Sothern Page by Denny Jackson
  101. Anita Stewart:
    1. Silent Ladies: Anita Stewart
  102. Gale Storm:
    1. FOGA, Winter '99/'00: Gale Storm
  103. Barbra Streisand:
    1. The Official Barbra Streisand Homepage
    2. The Barbra File by Allison 
  104. Gloria Stuart:
    1. Science Fiction Weekly: Gloria Stuart
    2. Gloria Stuart: I Just Kept Hoping
  105. Gloria Swanson:
    1. Gloria Swanson by Phillip Oliver
    2. Gloria Swanson: Queen of Paramount
    3. Screen Sirens: Gloria Swanson by Doug Stickney
    4. Silent Ladies: Gloria Swanson
    5. Columbia Oral History: Gloria Swanson on the Press
    6. Columbia Oral History: Gloria Swanson on Mack Sennett
    7. CMGWW: The Estate of Gloria Swanson
    8. Denny's Gloria Swanson Page by Denny Jackson
    9. The Beauty Mark Gallery: Gloria Swanson
    10.'s Gloria Swanson Tribute
  106. Blanche Sweet:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, July 1995: Blanche Sweet
    2. Silent Ladies: Blanche Sweet
  107. Constance Talmadge:
    1. Silent Ladies: Constance Talmadge
  108. Norma Talmadge:
    1. Denny's Norma Talmadge Page by Denny Jackson
    2. Silent Star of the Month, November 1997: Norma Talmadge
    3. Silent Ladies: Norma Talmadge
  109. Lilyan Tashman:
    1. Classic Images, August 1997: Lilyan Tashman
    2. Vintage Hollywood: Lillian Tashman
  110. Alice Terry:
    1. Silent Ladies: Alice Terry
  111. Olive Thomas:
    1. Silent Ladies: Olive Thomas
    2. Denny's Olive Thomas Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Taylorology: The Live and Death of Olive Thomas
  112. Ann Todd:
    1. Wicked Lady: Ann Todd
  113. Ann E. Todd:
    1. ChildStarlets: Ann E. Todd
  114. Thelma Todd:
    1. Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe
    2. Denny's Thelma Todd Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Silent Ladies: Thelma Todd
  115. Audrey Totter:
    1. The Audrey Totter Home Page by Ginger
    2. What-a-character: Audrey Totter
  116. Linden Travers:
    1. Wicked Lady: Linden Travers
  117. Mary Treen:
    1. What-a-character: Mary Treen
  118. Florence Turner:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, May 1998: Florence Turner
  119. Mamie Van Doren:
    1. Screen Sirens: Mamie Van Doren
  120. Lupe Velez:
    1. Denny's Lupe Velez Page by Denny Jackson
    2. Silent Ladies: Lupe Velez
  121. Evelyn Venable:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1998: Evelyn Venable
  122. Luana Walters:
    1. FOGA, Fall 1999: Luana Walters
  123. Ethel Waters:
    1. ETV: Ethel Waters
  124. Lois Weber:
    1. Silent Era: Lois Weber by E.H. Larsen
  125. Jane Weir:
    1. Famous Iowans: Jane Weir
  126. Alice White: 
    1. FOGA, Summer 1997: Alice White
    2. Silent Ladies: Alice White
  127. Pearl White:
    1. Classic Images, July 1997: Pearl White
    2. Silent Star of the Month, October 1996: Pearl White
    3. Silent Ladies: Pearl White
  128. Claire Wilcox:
    1. ChildStarlets: Claire Wilcox
  129. Lyn and Lee Wilde:
    1. Lyn and Lee: The Wilde Twins by Jim Johnson
  130. Kathlyn Williams:
    1. Silent Star of the Month, April 1998: Kathlyn Williams
  131. Lois Wilson:
    1. Silent Ladies: Lois Wilson
  132. Marie Windsor:
    1. Marie Windsor
  133. Shelly Winters:
    1. The First Shelly Winters Website
  134. Googie Withers:
    1. Wicked Lady: Googie Withers
  135. Jane Withers:
    1. Child Actresses: Jane Withers by Bob
    2. ChildStarlets: Jane Withers
  136. Anna May Wong:
    1. Classic Images, December 1997: Anna May Wong
    2. Denny's Anna May Wong Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Silent Ladies: Anna May Wong
  137. Joann Woodward:
    1. ETV: Joann Woodward
  138. Fay Wray:
    1. The Fay Wray Pages by Steve Hill
    2. Denny's Fay Wray Page by Denny Jackson
    3. Silent Star of the Month, September 1997: Fay Wray
    4. National Public Radio: 2004 - Remembering Fay Wray
    5. Silent Ladies: Fay Wray
    6. Northern Stars: Fay Wray
  139. Clara Kimbell Young:
    1. Silent Ladies: Clara Kimbell Young

Homepages about multiple actresses:

  1. Silent Ladies by David Pearson (thousands of pictures of silent movie heroines)
  2. (with hundreds of screen caps of various child actresses over the years)
  3. Clickable Bombshells by Dawn Marie 
  4. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford: Queens of Terror by Michael Denson
  5. Actresses of the Silver Screen by Denny Jackson (biographies of classic actresses)

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