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 Movie Review:
- Some weaknesses, but overall a decent film.

dir. Michael Curtiz at Warner Bros.
with Bette Davis (as Ellen Garfield), George Brent (as Curt Devlin) and Roscoe Karns (as Toots O’Grady)

Not quite an "A" film, but better than typical Warners "B" output, FRONT PAGE WOMAN is the story of a female reporter (Bette Davis) trying to make it in a man’s world. She makes a bet with her significant other and fellow reporter (though for a rival paper) George Brent that she can beat him on a story about a society murder, a chorus girl and a burning building. If he wins, she has to marry him and give up her job. The plot moves quickly as in most films of this genre, and both Bette and Brent turn in good performances -– she as the independent career woman (although a little too glamorized in appearance), and he as the lover cautiously walking the tightrope between acknowledging her skill as a reporter and encouraging her to give up her career to marry him. Decent dialogue adds to the fun, and overall, it’s not a bad way to spend eighty minutes.

Reviewed: December 24, 1999

Films listed by Year | Films listed by Title | Films listed by Rank


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