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For years now I've taken notes while watching movies--jotting down plot elements, memorable quotations, and my thoughts about various aspects of the film.  Finally I decided to translate these notations into a standard format and call them movie reviews.  Although a few are not "reviews" in the traditional sense because they are mostly geared toward people who have already seen the film--facilitating the "let's compare notes" or "what did you think" process--, most are written for  those who haven't seen these films yet.  I've tried not to give away crucial plot elements and to make suggestions about what kind of film fans might like a particular movie or at least find it interesting.  If a review is preceded by a "Spoiler Warning" however, don't read it until you've seen the film.

There are only a few films reviewed right now because this section is very much a work in progress.  I'll get there eventually though.  All reviews in this section are written by Elizabeth, and for better or for worse, they do represent the opinions of Reel Classics.

The Reel Classics Ranking System:

- One of the greatest movies ever made.

- A good movie; see it.

- Some weaknesses, but overall a decent film.

- Worth a look if...

- Not much of interest here.

0- Donít bother.

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