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Personal Statement:

How I Came to Love WEST SIDE STORY

by Miska Montmorency, age 12

October 30, 1999

The first time I saw West Side Story, I had rented it from the movie store. I watched it once that day because it was late at night. As the screen faded to black, I sat in the chair, and all I could do was think about it. The next morning, I woke up at 5:30am and watched it twice. I watched it once more during the day. By the fourth time I watched it, I was saying 'Buenos Nochas' 'Querrida' 'Por Favor' and 'Mamacita and Papacita' on a regular basis. The next day I also watched it three times, by getting up at 5:30. For the next three days, I watched West Side Story three times a day. I yelled at my mom when she dragged me up from 'I Feel Pretty' to go to my best friend's birthday party. I ate while I watched it. By the fifth time, I knew all the words to all the songs. By the tenth time, I knew all the main actors and actresses. And by the fourteenth time around, I knew all the names of all the members of the Jets and Sharks. When we returned it, I was heartbroken. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. I woke my sister up by singing 'The Jet Song' in the middle of the night. Then, about two weeks ago, my mom asked me about where I wanted my birthday party. I told her if she'd get me West Side Story, I'd give up a party. She made me promise to only watch it once a day, and to stop speaking Spanish. I did. Now I have West Side Story and I am in the seventh heaven. The piano music and soundtrack are on order. That is the story of my obsession with West Side Story.

Update: January 5, 2000

Miska would like everyone to know that she has received the soundtrack and piano music. Also that she has converted many people (including her best friend and her 5-year-old-sister) to her adoration of West Side Story.

© 1999 Miska

(Please send your comments about this article to its author, Miska, at Thanks.)

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