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Deborah Kerr

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Image Credits:
  File Name Description Image Source
With Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum in THE GRASS IS GREENER. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (May 1998, page 9).
kerr_blacknarcissus.jpg (17247 bytes) kerr_blacknarcissus.jpg A still of Kerr in BLACK NARCISSUS.  
kerr_blacknarcissus_poster.jpg (17842 bytes) kerr_blacknarcissus_
A poster from BLACK NARCISSUS. courtesy Greatest Films
A lobby card from THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA. courtesy Heritage Movie Posters.
kerr_cary_affair_door.jpg (14377 bytes) kerr_cary_affair_door.jpg With Cary Grant and a door in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (November 1997) page 15.
kerr_cooper_nakededge_faces.jpg (10529 bytes) kerr_cooper_
With Gary Cooper in a still from THE NAKED EDGE.  
kerr_faceshot.jpg (10344 bytes) kerr_faceshot.jpg A portrait of Kerr. courtesy Microsoft Cinemania
kerr_fromheretoeternity_poster.jpg (17967 bytes) kerr_fromheretoeternity_
A poster from FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. courtesy Greatest Films
kerr_gladysc_separatetables.jpg (14707 bytes) kerr_gladysc_
With Gladys Cooper in SEPARATE TABLES. scanned from Films and Filming (September 1984, page 29).
kerr_johnkerr_teasympathy.jpg (17480 bytes) kerr_johnkerr_
With John Kerr in TEA AND SYMPATHY. scanned from Directed by Vincente Minnelli by Stephen Harvey (1989).
kerr_kingandi.jpg (23227 bytes) kerr_kingandi.jpg With the King's children in THE KING AND I. scanned from The Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema edited by Ann Lloyd and Graham Fuller (1983)
kerr_lancaster_eternity_beach.jpg (24522 bytes) kerr_lancaster_
Kissing Burt Lancaster on the beach in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. scanned from Great Hollywood Movies by Ted Sennett (1983).
With Robert Mitchum in HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON. courtesy Movie Goods.
kerr_mitchum_sundowners.jpg (12422 bytes) kerr_mitchum_
With Robert Mitchum in THE SUNDOWNERS. scanned from American Movie Classics Magazine (November 1997) page 6.
A poster from QUO VADIS. courtesy Heritage Movie Posters.
*Uncredited images are so listed because their appropriate information is unknown at this time.

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