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Memorable Quotations:

  • "I suppose any woman who wakes up and finds herself married to a complete ass has only herself to blame." --as Tony Dunlap in THIS MAN IS MINE (1934).
  • "I want my freedom, Newland.  I can't pretend... that I'm like the other women over here.  They never seem to feel any -- need... Don't you see?  I'm not mincing words.  You mustn't expect me to.  I'm one of those women who must have love -- who must be loved." --as Countess Ellen Olenska in THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1934).
  • "I can take care of myself.  I'm different from the women in your life -- as different... as different as you are from the men in mine." --as Countess Ellen Olenska in THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1934).
  • "The name of your song, Sir Julien, is 'Ecstasy'." --as Hilda Bouverie in STINGAREE (1934).
  • "You'll never get any satisfaction out of me." --as Hilda Bouverie in STINGAREE (1934).
  • "Tomorrow?  Can I get excited tomorrow?" --as Helen Hudson in MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION (1935).

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