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Memorable Quotations:

  • "There isn't one woman in a million who's ever found happiness in the back streets of any man's life." --as Rae Schmidt in BACK STREET (1932).
  • "I'll never let you lose me, Jim." --as Anna Stanley in NO OTHER WOMAN (1933).
  • "You'll see that things come straight some how and turn out for the best.  Life takes care of those things.  All we have to do is just keep out of Life's way and make the best of things." --as Christina Phelps in THE SILVER CORD (1933).
  • "I'm going to have a baby by a man that belongs to another woman!" --as Christina Phelps in THE SILVER CORD (1933).
  • "I've discovered that you can read into someone else all the things you want them to be.  You can love those things and think you're loving the person, blind to the truth you've never once seen and never heard.  That you can read into boastful whining all the wise gallantry you've always longed for in a man, and into his glittering eyes, an authentic passion which was not his at all, but only the projection of your own desire." --as Ann Vickers in ANN VICKERS (1933).
  • "I know.  If I want a man, I must lure, flatter, be ecstatically impressed by all he says or does, be coyly aloof, wistful, fluttered by his hand clasp, arousing him to a conviction that I'm a swooning mystery that he must understand or die.  No, I'm hanged if I will!"  --as Ann Vickers in ANN VICKERS (1933).
  • "Is being happy all there is in life?"  --as Ann Vickers in ANN VICKERS (1933).
  • "I'm just trying to keep going until the undertaker comes.  That's all." --as Sarah Cazenove in IF I WERE FREE (1933).

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