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Below are a few people and websites I'd like to acknowledge for their invaluable contributions to Reel Classics. Very hearty thanks goes out to each and every one of them, without whom certain features of Reel Classics or even the site itself wouldn't exist.

First, thanks to several webmasters, sites and visitors who have contributed images and more to Reel Classics:

  • Tim Dirks at Greatest Films for many classic movie poster images
  • Michael Mills at The Palace for many classic pictures
  • Doug Stickney and his wonderful actress portraits at the Silver Screen Sirens Website
  • Robin's Hayley Mills page for several images
  • Meredy's Visions in B&W page for some pictures as well as sound clips from her desktop themes
  • Jim Johnson's Judy Garland Database for a few pictures and tons of information
  • Christophe's Judy Garland Photographic Tribute for a few pictures
  • George Long's Vincent Price Tribute for some pictures and poster images
  • TimeTunnel's Germany Classic Movie page (no longer online) for some images
  • Erik's Portrait Gallery (no longer online) for several pictures
  • The Microsoft Cinemania website (no longer online) for many star portraits
  • Mitali and her Images on Film page (no longer online) for several pictures
  • Jeffrey Fain for his many original portrait contributions
  • Julie for her help collecting classic birthdays
  • Jamie for her Shirley Temple pictures
  • Kimberly Loeffler for her Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe and Deanna Durbin pictures
  • Tasha Vukichevich for her picture contributions
  • Ms. Mystery for her Errol Flynn picture
  • Ken Bledsoe for his Ginger Rogers picture
  • Valis for his Ginger Rogers, Ava Gardner and Barbara Stanwyck pictures
  • Geneviève for her Charlie Chaplin pictures
  • Gary Phillips for several John Wayne audio files
  • Sylvie for her prolific wallpaper contributions
  • Oscar for his wallpaper contributions
  • Andrew Z. for all his .MP3 contributions and multimedia technical assistance
  • Jessica Stebbins for her help collecting desktop themes and screen savers
  • John Zukowski for his Teresa Wright pictures and help with celebrity addresses
  • Buddy, Dan Bubbeo, Jeff Stride, and Rhabyn for their help with celebrity addresses
  • The LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Homepage and and Pam's Lawrence of Arabia Page (no longer online) for a few images and sounds
  • Several of the classic movie poster dealers listed in my Merchandising section for poster images, especially Cinemagic, The Movie Posters Page and Bruce Hershenson
  • Balcony Quotes, Movie Wavs, The Wav Place and the Movie Sounds page for some audio clips
  • the AMC website for some film clips and a few images as well as their AMC Magazine.
  • the Turner Classic Movies website for a few images and wallpapers
  • The official Walt Disney page for several images and sound clips
  • The official 20th Century-Fox THE SOUND OF MUSIC page and the official 20th Century-Fox MY FAIR LADY page for several images and video clips
  • The Rhino Records site for several audio clips and a few pictures

Secondly, thanks to the following who have contributed to biographies, articles and reviews at Reel Classics:

  • John Cunningham for his Tech Talk contributions
  • Mary Hutchings for her Ingrid Bergman biography and movie reviews
  • Angus Crane for his Bette Davis article
  • Roger Ebert for his Jimmy Stewart tribute
  • Debbie Papio for her Jimmy Stewart article and movie reviews
  • Shawn Stewart for his help with Teresa Wright research
  • Michael Gallagher for his help with Teresa Wright research
  • Rick Cerrone and the New York Yankees for their help with Teresa Wright research
  • NBC Sports for their help with Teresa Wright research
  • Bill Francis and the Baseball Hall of Fame for their help with Teresa Wright research
  • Bill Sivolella for his help with Cathy O'Donnell research
  • Don Benham for his help with research on Hugo Friedhofer and other musicians
  • Martin Hart for his help with the Tech Talk article on aspect ratios
  • Ray Hagen for his articles about Mercedes McCambridge and other actresses
  • Sandy McLendon for his movie review and image contributions
  • Al Cunningham for his invaluable help as Special Prosecutor of typos and bad spelling
  • The American Magazine, Collier's Weekly, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, LIFE Magazine, Motor Trend Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, People Magazine, PM New York Magazine and Silver Screen Magazine as well as The Associated Press, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Oklahoman, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Variety, The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Observer, The Detroit News, Film Comment, Films in Review, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Herald (Glascow), The Indianapolis Sunday Star, The Los Angeles Times, Le Monde Télévision, Radio, Multimédia, Newsday, The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Ottawa Citizen, The Princeton Alumni Weekly, Scotland on Sunday, The Times (London), and The Toronto Star for their many articles
  • Cinemania '95, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Current Biography, and The Internet Movie Database, for their biographical, filmographical and award information as well as other invaluable resources.

Thirdly, special thanks to a few people at Princeton University, where Reel Classics got its start:

  • my college roommate Tiffany Fung (better known as tnfung) for the use of her account where most of my pages were stored when my site was at Princeton
  • everyone at CIT, including Annie, Jonesy and John Vincent, for their technical assistance in getting my page off the ground
  • the staff of Firestone Library and especially the Interlibrary Loan Service for their research assistance
  • the staff at The Place for their scanning help
  • Dwight Bashore who helped me with the Princeton site search engine
  • Massimo Scalabrini for his help with the Italian papers that appear here
  • Samir and Christina for all their tips and tricks
  • Helen in the Mathey College office for the use of the TV/VCR with which to watch movies
  • The Rocky-Mathey Library and the Princeton Public Library for loaning me videos

Additional general thanks goes to:

  • Brad Lang and's classic movie site for all their help, encouragement and recognition
  • Jody Boyd and everyone at The Network for Entertainment Fans for permitting me multiple listings
  • Tony Bray and company at TVNow for their schedules
  • Bruce Hershenson for his encouragement and advice
  • Peter McLennan and the Canmore Copy Centre, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • Vincent and his CASABLANCA page
  • The British Film Institute and National Film Theatre for research assistance and for showing so many great classics on the big screen
  • The staff at the Library of Congress (especially Rosemary in the Motion Picture Reading Room) for their for research assistance
  • The librarians at the Belle Isle Library (especially the Interlibrary Loan Service) in Oklahoma City for their research assistance
  • Barbara Hall and the staff at the Margaret Herrick Library for their for research assistance
  • The staff at the Museum of Television and Radio for their for research assistance
  • The Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the use of their scanner and computers
  • Jim Johnson for his website design help
  • Nita West and Emelia Rangel for their graphic design skills
  • everyone who has written in to inform me of mistakes, broken images and bad links
  • Casady School for the pre-Princeton academic preparation which has allowed me the time to make this homepage
  • my parents who permit me to continue with this nonsense and my sisters who help me keep it in perspective

And finally, thanks very much to the thousands of visitors who have helped inspire me to make Reel Classics what it is today.

I know that's not everyone, but unfortunately those are all the names that have come to me for the time being. If for some reason I've accidentally left you out, forgive me.

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