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An Introduction to Classic Movies

I frequently get emails from visitors who are new to classic movies and are eager to learn more about them.  Specifically, they want to know which films to watch -- which films are "the essentials".  (Of course, there are the Oscar-winning Best Pictures and the various '100 Greatest' lists, but many find these too daunting.) Next, after having seen these introductory films, they want to know which other classic movies they might like, given their preferences for some kinds of films over others. 

I have written this Introduction to Classic Movies for the benefit of these rising classic movie fans who are looking for guidance as to which films to watch. But existing classic movie fans might also find the choice of films interesting, and perhaps be introduced to a few they haven't seen yet.

The ten films listed below are not intended to be a list of the top ten films ever made.  However, in my opinion, they are the best films with which to introduce someone to classic movies.  Each film is exceptionally well-made, highly entertaining and a classic.  But more importantly, they each represent a different kind of classic film, and as such, I will use them in turn to introduce our rising classic movie fan to even more wonderful classic movies.

Reel Classics begins its introduction to classic movies with the following films:

  • CASABLANCA (1942) (more...)
  • GASLIGHT (1944) (more...)
  • THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) (more...)
  • HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940) (more...)
  • GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) (more...)
  • LAURA (1944) (more...)
  • ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) (more...)
  • RED RIVER (1948) (more...)
  • SHERLOCK JR. (1924) (more...)
  • CITIZEN KANE (1941) (more...)
Many of these films have reviews, articles and other special sections about them here at Reel Classics, but I recommend leaving those aside until after you've seen the film.  The best way to approach any film is without preconceived notions of what it is like or about.  I'm telling you these films are worth your time and money to see.  That's all you need to know for starters.

After you've seen these ten films, you have been officially introduced to classic movies... But there are so many more to see!  If you especially liked one or more of the above ten films (or even all of them!), click the "(more...)" link next to the film title to see what other classic films you might enjoy.  The wonderful world of classic movies begins, but by no means ends, with these ten films.

"(more...)" pages still under construction.

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