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Feel Like Writing About the Classics?

In certain instances, Reel Classics will accept article and review submissions for publication at from visitors who wish to share their special knowledge about certain classic movie-related topics. They have to be well written of course, and something I think others would like to read, but I'm very open-minded about subject matter, so if you have a special enthusiasm for a subject and want an excuse to do a little research or spout your expertise, feel free to construct a well thought-out work and pass it along to me for consideration. Just to give you an idea, some of the topics addressed thus far have been:

  • An article on Bette Davis and the Cigarette
  • Articles on "Tech Talk" issues like the history of Technicolor

Besides these more scholarly articles however, I have started a section of "Personal Statements" from people about how they came to love the classics or about their experiences with movies growing up. I thought it might be kind of interesting for my younger visitors to get to hear from the "veterans" about what it was like to experience these movies in their day and not just on video and cable TV, as well as for veteran fans to hear from the younger generation about how they got their start. Stories about meeting stars or directors would also fall into this category. Like the other submissions I consider, these "personal statements" have to be well written (by that, I don't just mean proper spelling and punctuation) and interesting, but don't let those qualifications discourage you from submitting something if you really want to. Often with a little editing, I'm able to help out.

Here are the conditions regarding articles chosen for publication on Reel Classics:

  • Anonymous submissions are not accepted.
  • The work must not have been previously published in any kind of forum that would subject Reel Classics to copyright infringement controversies.
  • The work must not be published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Proper citation and credit must be given to any source materials referenced in the work.
  • Reel Classics reserves the right to remove any accepted work at a later date.
  • All accepted contributions are published on a gratis basis with no pledge of remuneration contracted or implied. (i.e. You won't be paid for this.)

In return:

  • The author is always given proper credit and an email link at the bottom of the page for readers' comments.
  • The work is not reproduced in any other form without the author's consent.
  • Once a final version is agreed upon, the work is not edited or otherwise altered by Reel Classics without the author's consent.
  • The work can always be taken down at the author's request.

If this sounds acceptable to you and you've got the writing bug, send your submissions to me by email. Most attachments are acceptable (I'll let you know if I have trouble reading it), or you can simply cut and paste your submission into your email program. I look forward to hearing from some of you. 

-- Elizabeth, February 17, 1999. 

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